As predicted..

The free Drake show that was to be held at Seaport was canceled due to a riot.. When the words Drake and free are put together you can only imagine a zoo..

However, if you are lucky enough to have VIP passes for the release party which will be held at Amnesia NYC, you still get to show your support for his album which was dropped today.

Copped the album and heard the leak as well, all I can say is “Two thumbs up, Ebert and Roper!

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some hood ish.

but if bitches really wanna pop from across the sea, i do it - its done, nigga. nobody got involved with your lame ass, so let’s hope that POST didn’t have shit to do with me. cause trust, when i see you im poppin like pistol, don’t underestimate me.

i’m the baddest bitch around, always have been - always will be. been my face since DAY 0NE , never a switch up.. let’s be factual. i’m done typin ; done talking.

guarantee though you better duck when i see you.

but if i wasn’t involved, better hope i wasn’t. keep doing you, shorty lo.

now if you’ll excuse me, im busy being the REALEST BiTCH iN NEWY0RK AMERICA.

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We were so good for so long. My heart still bares your mark. It kills me that she has you, but it hurts more that you tell me you still care. This, I can’t take. Why? Why must you play this game. This episode of our relationship is one with no happy ending; no round of applause.. no happy music while the credits roll. Just a blank screen with confusion written all over it. Help me understand. Help me solve this equation. Because E doesn’t always equal MCsquared. Sometimes it’s not so black & white. Sometimes it’s beyond what is known to the naked eye. I can’t keep living this lie, telling you I don’t feel. I don’t want. I don’t need.

Because I do.

And it hurts that even if I got it all back, I could never give you the trust I once did. See, back then I was a child. I was an angel. I was unscathed. You were the star in me, and that star died out. Now all that’s left is a supernova. An explosion of the heart - & that is the end of my world.

So, answer me this: what do I do? Do I take you back and let you blindside me once again.. or do I give up this chase and begin to walk on a new path?

The gas is on E.

The sneakers are worn, and my feet hurt.

I can’t continue.

So tell me.. How do you break what was already broken?

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The official advice column. Come join us!

Me and my dear friend Jeffrey Joaquin have created an advice column for people to find comfort in when they don’t know who to turn to. This blog covers ALL bases, nothing is off limits! Please, lovely followers, take this seriously. Anonymity is fun but will not be rewarded continuously if profane or vulgar messages reach our inbox. We are by far no experts, we can only give you honest opinions from two teenagers, two point-of-views, and two different walks of life who have been through it all.


Advice Column:

Email Inquiries:

Jeffrey Joaquin:

Sasha Rage:

Thanks, from Mr. & Mrs. Know-It-All!



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March 26, 2010.

The day I begin my 10 day fruit & veggie detox.

No drinking.

No smoking.

Just fruit and veggies, and water.

Wish me luck.

After that, I begin the path of pescatarianism.

It’s like a vegatarian who eats fish and dairy..

So basically to me that means I will be living off of sushi, salmon and shrimp since I hate vegetables..

Let’s hope I don’t die of mercury.

Sincerely, Sasha.

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bitches pop shit, but they soft like play-doh. its okay though, cause i got a bank roll & a stank hoe who got the burner in the louie duff, best bet is fa you taaaa lay low. who say so? I SAY SO. you a nickle, ima peso . . i’ll treat you like something to eat, grab the fork knife & queso. damn right, swizz cheese ya, SHOW TIME - swizz beat her. got the ninee on the left & she’d really like to meet’cha.

leave your nose in the coke bag & the fuck out my business.

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(via ravieb)

follow her, she is the best photographer you will ever meet.

(via ravieb)

follow her, she is the best photographer you will ever meet.

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Do YOU need help in the bedroom?

Most females and some males tend to be shy when getting advice from friends when it comes to sex, or relationships in general. That’s why my good friend Chrissy made a blog dedicated to helping you find your niche when it comes to either.

Confide in her, she knows what she’s talking about!

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beauty is imperfection. you find fun and happiness in the smallest of areas.

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Women’s Atheist Motion.

For quite some time, Atheism vs. Theism and Science vs. God has been a never ending battle with a plethora of ideologies based on what is and what is not. The first known knowledge of atheist thinking dates back to 500 BC - 428 BC, which is found in the Greek Antiquity. Anaxagoras was a philosopher who stated “The God’s are mythical abstractions.” (Right the fuck on, Anax!) Due to his lack of belief in the God’s, he was sentenced to DEATH. Since then, many people have come out of the religious closet and admitted to their own belief in Atheism. Many celebrities have also proudly stated that they are nontheists. However, in the realm of atheism, not many women can stand up and say that they are atheists. My beliefs bring me to the idea that women are afraid to speak up, due to the inferiority that women face.. But if atheism is more socially aware now, why be scared?

There is a growing rate for atheists, as well as realists. As the ever-so-questionable Bible is becoming less and less believable, I believe that atheism is something to be proud of these days. However, the male-female ratio is an astounding 11-6. Ladies, atheism is nothing to fear. If you have doubts, let them be heard. The idea of atheism is something that society has considered disturbing, outrageous, distasteful. However, we are not the denialists here. We follow facts, science-based facts. Though the debate can go on for ages, and probably will, I’d like to make something fervently clear: Women are still scared to come out as atheists.

Women atheists are on the back burner, quietly doubting religion as a whole. I think its time we make our existence known. We are proud women. I am a proud woman. We are atheists. I, am atheist. Let us not be ashamed of our ideas. Let us not be ashamed that we disagree. Let us not be afraid to make our points clear.

So stand with me, and the other women of WAM. don’t be afraid to ride the wave of atheism.

I’d like to thank my fellow atheist Laci Green for the awareness of WAM. You rock, Lace!

For more thoughts on Atheism by Laci Green:

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